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So yesturday I had a sleep over with my friend Grace, we went to a parade and a dance on the beach! It was really awesome. When we got back to my house we were playing Monkry in the middle when I slipped and fell on my side. I was just curled up in a little ball in the middle of the street. I then got up and went inside to clean myself up, and when I rolled up my pant leg, there it was…BLOOD! Now I’m really not the type of person that will like scream, pass out, barf or go into a state of mind that will cause me to randomly jerk around like a spaz, when I see blood. So the next morning (today), I went to an antique boat show (yeah, I know, I’m dorky and I’m fricken proud of it!!), and on our way back home my mom stopped the car and started laughing. And I look over and I see two giant, plastic light up palm trees on the side of the road for free. We picked then up and threw them in the back of the car, and I jumped in back with them to make sure they didn’t fall. And right when I sat down, the tree cut my other leg, so i look down, and there it was again…BLOOD! So clearly god was trying to tell me something! I’m just not cut out to have legs! I was apparently meant to roll around Minnesota like a giant blueberry. Very satisfying weekend.

Post #1

So this is my first post. I’d just like to let all you chicks, dudes, children under the age of 18, dogs, and so on, that this blog is NOT about cooking/preparing any type of mushroom (no matter how awesome they may be). So sit down, lay down, jog in place, do some yoga, do one of those weird indian dances where you just wiggle in place, and please enjoy my blog!

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